handcrafted sterling silver cuff 2016


while studying electrical engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
aakofii discovered the art of metal-smithing. inspired by friends, family and loving spirits 'aakofii THE DESIGNER' was born.

aakofii's designs have been showcased at the Smithsonian Museum‚ various art galleries‚ department
stores and specialty boutiques. aakofii opened her first flagship store at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta alongside Tiffany’s, Versace, Saks, and Gucci.
aakofii's bold
designs are fabricated using various precious metals‚ gemstones, leather
and an array of up­–cycled materials. 
aakofii has adorned women worldwide. Some of her clients include Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, Cindy Wilson, Floetry, Rashan Ali, Alfre Woodard, Sheree Whitfield and Vanessa Williams.

" ­­­­­­it feeds my soul to create for the divas of the world."



after years of creating and fabricating wearable art aakofii was commissioned to provide handcrafted jewelry for forty four Belk department stores. creating thousands of pieces in her studio was a turning point for aakofii. she realized that an artisan can manufacture on a large scale in a small studio.. after successfully completing the order aakofii turned her attention to the craft of leather fashion design, 

aakofii's designs snatch in the waist, accentuate the breasts and add sex appeal to any basic outfit.

next on the horizon is a funky line of one of a kind handcrafted shoes....